At ETTA International, we believe in Empowerment Through The Arts.

We treat all human beings as whole,

using self-expression as a method of mending the past

to shape a better future.

Our Mission:

Empowerment Through The Arts (ETTA) utilizes the medium of the arts as a way of overcoming barriers to creative actualization and universal participation.

Through our own flagship program, The Rainbow Players, and partnerships with other agencies, businesses and arts organizations, we work to ensure inclusive

access to the arts for all people, labeled and non-labeled alike.

We believe in:

• Taking bold steps toward creating unquestioned access to inclusive arts programming.

• Empowering all individuals, regardless of ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation/gender identity, or ability, to realize their creative potential as Artists.

We achieve this through a wide range of inclusive collaborations to assist youth and adults of ALL abilities, to imagine and create:

To manifest DREAMS into REALITY!